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sontani partners

Sontani + Partners is a design consultant firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was first established in twenty fifteen through the passion of an architect and interior designer. The couple share the same ideals of an equilibrium of aesthetic and function in a design.


While others may try to improve their lifestyle in various ways, Sontani + Partners believe it should start from an elegant and efficient space. Leonardo da Vinci once said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication;" and we could not agree more.


As designers we strive on delivering beautiful spaces that meet our clients' needs; and we find satisfaction in creating designs down to the smallest meticulous details.


Received his Bachelor Degree of Arts in Architectural Studies in University of Washington. He graduated with honors in twenty thirteen and went back to Jakarta, Indonesia to pursue further career in architecture.

He joined Studio Tonton as a junior architect in the same year, before he decided to open his own firm.


Studied in Art Institute of Seattle, where she received her degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. She graduated in twenty twelve with Cum Laude.

After having the opportunity to intern in Kravet and Garret Cord Werner Architects in Seattle, she went back to Jakarta and joined PAI team under Tom Elliott as an assistant project architect, before later she decided to partner up with Vincent Sontani.


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